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A Clean Litter Box Is a Welcoming Litter Box

The cleaner the cat litter in the box is, the less likely your cat is to get fed up with it and go on the nice, clean floor. Cats also have preferences when it comes to litter type.

Use the Type of Litter Your Cat Prefers

We all know how finicky kitties can get. So, if you want to go from unscented to scented litter, you could be taking a big risk! If you do decide to try a new litter, mix it slowly with the old type of litter—a half and half mix—to get your cat used to it. Some cats will stop using the box if the litter is changed abruptly.

A favorite type of litter among tidy homeowners is a clumping type of clay granule. It has been found that most cats prefer small, loose granules that can be easily pushed about with their feet and that shake off easily as they exit the box; nothing too fine or soft.


Scoop the Litter Box Frequently

Use a litter scoop with small and closely set holes. Clean the clumps out of the litter at least once daily—more often if you have more than one cat.

To keep the smell to a minimum, add some litter to replace what you removed while cleaning. Some have found that mixing a small amount of baking soda in with the litter can also help keep it fresh. 

Sounds like too much hassle? The Skoopers at A1 Pooper Scooper Service can Skoop it for you! Feel free to contact us to get a free estimate; we can help you with your kitties.

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