Terms and Conditions


​1. Quotes are for the backyard only.  Other areas can be added by request for an additional charge.

​2. Preliminary estimated quote-prices are based on the estimated time the tech will need to spend in your backyard and is subject to:

​​a. Number of dogs/cats

​​ ​b. Amount of time of waste buildup

​c. Size of yard

​d. Ground cover/landscaping materials

​e. Technician’s assessment of property/site conditions

​3. Based on technician’s assessment obtained on the Initial Pickup Visit, a final quote for Standard Scooping Service will be emailed to the customer for approval, invoicing and scheduling.

​4. Prices quoted are per visit.

​5. Bi-weekly visit fees are higher due in part to the buildup of waste. Tech has to spend more time on the property. Please request a quote. Please note that with a buildup of waste comes odor and flies. Our enzymatic spray will help but not eliminate odor due to length of time in between visits.

Initial Pickup Visit

​1. The Initial Pickup Visit includes:

​​a. Scooping of animal waste via our Standard Scooping Service (thorough backyard coverage)

​b. Hose-down of areas used by doggies (not dirt areas)

​c. Single application of enzymatic cleaner (aids with breakdown of urine/waste)

​d. Technician site assessment

​2. We do not remove debris, junk, weeds, or any other material from the yard.  

​3. We do not move junk, debris, patio furniture, pots, or other decorative items to do our work.

​4. Very tall weeds/grass are/is very difficult to look through and often adds to the time involved (see 13).

​5. If waste is inaccessible to our tech, we will inform the customer of the issue to be resolved.

​6. Waste is bagged in scented trash bags & left in owner’s general waste receptacle (avoids cross-contamination with other jobs).

​7. We do not cross contaminate other properties by removing waste in our vehicles.

​8. Since landfills do not accept an abundance of collected waste, if there is a large excess, waste must be disposed of little by little each week by placing the bags in your trash bins.

​9. All tools/shoes are disinfected before leaving the property.

​10. Water bowls & food bowls must be accessible from the outside.  A1PS is not liable for or responsible for spoiled/contaminated food or dog/cat’s health due to such.

​11. Customer must provide a water source for hose-down.

​12. ​Initial Pickup Visit time allowance will be provided on the initial estimate.

​13. ​If work cannot be completed within the time allowance, we will communicate with the customer the technician’s estimated time for completion. Once we receive customer approval, work will be billed at $7.80 / 15-minute increments once work is completed.

​14. ​If approval is not obtained, remaining cleanup will occur on subsequent visits. On such visits, the technician will use the allotted time for the Standard Scooping Service to continue with the cleanup. At customer’s request, technician will remain on-site longer to finish the cleanup from the Initial Pickup Visit. This time will be billed at $7.80 / 15-minute increments.

​15. ​Initial Pickup Visit appointment is confirmed once payment is received.

​16. We are a pay in advance company. No exceptions.

Standard Scooping Service

​1. The Standard Scooping Service includes:

​​a. Scooping of animal waste (thorough backyard coverage)

​2. Items 2-10 under Initial Pickup Visit apply to Standard Scooping Service.

​3. A 10% discount is available for multiple weekly visits off the Standard Scooping Service cost.

​4. We are a pay in advance company. No exceptions.

Optional Services

(Add-ons to Standard Scooping Service)

​1. Hose-Down includes using a garden hose to spray down areas like concrete patios, rocks and other surfaces which the dogs use.

​​a. Hose-down of concrete and / or rock areas are an optional service that is NOT included in the Standard Scooping Service price and must be ordered. 

​2. Enzymatic Spray includes spraying a pet-friendly, enzyme-based liquid which will breakdown unseen urine and/or waste contributing, in time, to a reduction in smell.  

​​a. Enzymatic Spray is an optional service that is NOT included in the Standard Scooping Service price and must be ordered.

​b. Depending on the length of time waste has been allowed to build up, it can take several applications of the spray to be truly effective. Regular applications on a weekly basis are key to its efficacy. 

​3. We are a pay in advance company. No exceptions.

2 Free Visits

​1. Available only for customers who pay for our Standard Scooping Service for a minimum of 11 consecutive visits. 

​2. This applies to weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service. 

​3. Your free visits will be applied to visits 12 & 13. 

​4. Any lapse in service voids this offer.

Landscaping materials

​1. While cleaning, techs do all they can to not throw away the landscaping material along with the waste. 

​2. Please note that some ground cover (small rocks/gravel, or bark, etc.) may be scooped and thrown away during cleaning. 

​3. Over time materials may need to be replaced by owner at owner’s expense. 

Monthly Billing

​1. Billing is done on a monthly basis. 

​2. Invoices are sent around the 1st of the month and are due immediately on the 1st. 

​3. Around the 15th of each month, we may send a reminder notification that the next month's bill will be generated on or around the 1st of that following month.

​4. Payment must be received no later than the 7th of the month or service will be suspended.

​5. For new customers, remaining service days in month will be invoiced and due immediately.

Cancellations / Missed Appointments

​1. CANCELLATIONS: If customer needs to cancel an appointment, notification must be received prior to 5pm the previous business day.

​2. Notification may be made by phone, email, text, or A1PS Customer Portal.

​3. If notification is received prior to 5pm the previous business day, a credit for the cancelled visit will be applied to the customer’s account.

​4. If notification is not given or not received prior to 5pm the previous business day, no credit for the attempted cancelled visit will be given.

​5. MISSED APPOINTMENTS: If for a reason owing to the customer, tech has arrived and cannot complete work (due to vacation and/or no one home, locked gate and/or no access, dogs left in yard, etc.), no credit for the missed service will be issued.

​6. If an appointment is missed for a reason owing to A1PS (for example, tech car breakdown, last minute illness, , etc.), a credit for the missed service will be issued.

​7. If technician cannot perform confirmed, scheduled service, A1PS will make every effort to substitute with another technician and/or an alternative schedule. If that is not possible, a credit will be issued to the customer’s account for that missed service.


​1. Acceptance of ANY written or verbal quote or estimate constitutes an acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. 

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